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Den 4. Væg

Feb 19, 2018

I samarbejde med Hotel Pro Forma udgiver vi over det næste år 4 podcasts, der afdækker deres fire seminarer 'Moving Opera'.

I denne anden podcast dykker vi ned i brugen af moderne teknologi i scenekunsten: 

Hotel Pro Forma invites researchers, technical producers and set designers working in the field of contemporary performing arts and opera to a discussion about the role of technology in future performing arts. Potentials of interactive onstage technologies, real time virtual and immersive environments, and low-latency telepresence of performers and audiences still remain largely unexplored in the traditional forms of performing arts. Will new technologies such as virtual reality and 3D projections finally tear down “the 4. wall”? What are the consequences for the performing arts when the elements of live performance and physical presence of performers are removed from an artistic experience? How does technology empower artistic expressions today? And where may the development of technology lead us in the future? 


Jakob Kudsk Steensen. VR artist. (Keynote speaker)

Maja Ziska, Scenographer  

Johan Knattrup Jensen. Partner, director and artist. MAKROPOL   

Moderator Riku Roihankorpi, Research Director at Center for Practice as Research in Theater (T7) Tampere University