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Den 4. Væg

Sep 4, 2018

I samarbejde med Hotel Pro Forma udgiver vi over det næste år 4 podcasts, der afdækker deres fire seminarer 'Moving Opera'.

I denne tredje podcast ser vi nærmere på, hvordan det musik dramatiske felt i Danmark kan forstærkes yderligere:

For the past 15-20 years, a contemporary genre of music theatre has established itself outside of the realm of the two national opera organizations. 
This development has so far mainly been driven by independent, project-based artists and producers. Looking at the current situation of the field, are we missing the structure and institutional support enabling the genre to develop further? Do we lack a shared infrastructure for producing and presenting works within this genre? How can we improve conditions for co-production and cross-disciplinary artistic development? How do we utilize potentials in international collaboration, touring, and exchange? How do we establish relations across the field – from independent actors to institutions – which supports both a stable framework for producing and encourage artistic innovation? And how do we as agents of this field further build on the growing public interest and appreciation of opera and music theatre? The seminar explores the potentials and challenges of existing structures regarding education, production and dissemination in a conversation with producers, organizations and artists working in the field.